What Not To Do When Starting Your Blog


Here are a few paragraphs from the book.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.  You are going to learn how to be a better blogger from this book! Once you open your mind and think about blogging in a whole new way!

What Not To So When Starting Your Blog ~ The Plaid & Paisley Kitchen ~ This book will help you sky rocket past those first few mistakes that are so easy to make. Learn from me and watch your blog grow faster!

Chapter 1: We all want to know what to do.  We all want guidance from the blogging gurus. Yet, I am here to tell you that anyone can tell you how to succeed. They will give you advice and say you will get One Million views in three months if you follow their plan. Sounds Great! Who doesn’t want One Million views in three months?  What they are not telling you, what no one I have come across will tell you, is just what DOESN’T work. What were their early failures?  Since you aren’t entirely sure what you should really be doing, learn from me what not to do. If you can avoid what I did wrong then you won’t have to make those same mistakes, and you will get you closer to success faster. I am not going to sell you a get rich quick scheme. I am not making any, One Million views in three months false promises. I am not going to charge you and arm & leg for the information you can get free by Googling. I am going to do what no one else will do for you. I am going to share my failures and mistakes with you.


Chapter 3: To share with you a little more about my journey I need to tell you I had a very hard time asking for help.  This is something that I continue to struggle with today. Little did I realize that the blogging community is nothing like the outside world. There is no every man for himself here. There is no dog eat dog competition. Having been in the corporate world for over twenty years at this point I couldn’t fathom any other way.  What I want you to know, as bloggers we are all in this together.  No one is in competition with each other.  Every blogger worth their metal is here to help you just as someone helped them. If I had not finally learned to reach out I would not be here writing this for you. I want to show how you can leverage an entire community to help you grow.  There are many ways for you to reach out and meet people. Facebook is your #1 source for finding like-minded bloggers. There are countless groups designed for bloggers in any niche. Groups just for asking questions, groups for sharing content, groups dedicated to helping you grow a particular social media and so on….. {In the back of this book you find resources that will help you find a group for you}


 Chapter 6: The second major pitfall: This may sound a little contradictory to the first one, but I assure you they are linked. Many bloggers, in the beginning, have a hard time really getting the concept of how social media drives traffic. It all sounds great! So you say to yourself,’ I have posted on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  My blog post is amazing! It has beautiful photos and is giving value to my readers.’  Yet no one is coming to see it. But you posted it right?  Here is the pitfall. You cannot share once and expect to go viral.  By the very definition of a viral post, it means it is shared multiple times. This is not a set and forget career. You have to share multiple times and share it often. Don’t worry that you will annoy your readers. Your readers are not on social media 24-7. Even more, they are not on your social media 24-7. If you tweet about the same blog post 3 times a day for a week, you’ll be lucky if they see it once. Don’t hold back promoting your amazing content. Get it out there. It’s the ‘if you build it they will come’ theory. Not that if you build a blog they will come, but that you build and engaged audience.


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  1. Chandra, I started my blog back in November last year. I think my major issue was analysis paralysis. I was reading up on the optimal ways to do this and do that. Wanting to get things perfect, I ended up delaying getting the blog online. I actually started planning the blog since back in 2013. It was this analysis that delayed me for so long. By November last year, I thought, I don’t care, I just need to get one blog post up. Once I got one blog post up, I found it easier to continue working on the blog. I think the lesson I learned is just to take action and work on baby steps, rather than a giant leap in the get go.
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