What Not To Do When Starting Your Blog

What Not To So When Starting Your Blog ~ The Plaid & Paisley Kitchen ~ This book will help you sky rocket past those first few mistakes that are so easy to make. Learn from me and watch your blog grow faster!

By sharing my story with you about my early days you can learn from my mistakes and grow your blog FASTER!!!  I am going to teach you how to think about blogging in a whole new way!

  • Learn how to share your knowledge with readers
  • Learn how to network and grow your community
  • Learn to find your voice and topics
  • Learn how Social Media can work for you
  • Get great resources for conferences and blog classes

Want a sneak peek?  Read some Chapter Excerpts on the next page. 




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  1. Chandra, I started my blog back in November last year. I think my major issue was analysis paralysis. I was reading up on the optimal ways to do this and do that. Wanting to get things perfect, I ended up delaying getting the blog online. I actually started planning the blog since back in 2013. It was this analysis that delayed me for so long. By November last year, I thought, I don’t care, I just need to get one blog post up. Once I got one blog post up, I found it easier to continue working on the blog. I think the lesson I learned is just to take action and work on baby steps, rather than a giant leap in the get go.
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