Best Family Dinners from The Plaid & Paisley Kitchen


Need a quick list of easy and family friendly meals? I have the perfect round up for you.  Best Family Dinners from the Plaid and Paisley Kitchen!.

Best Family Dinners from The Plaid & Paisley Kitchen ~ www.pandpkitchen.comAll of these family dinners are tried and true recipes!  I have put together my top rated meals and some of our families favorite ones.  Every recipe is easy and quick and you probably have most of the ingredients right in your pantry and fridge right now.  Kid Friendly, Husband Friendly, and Mom Friendly! What more could you ask for? Continue reading →

Strawberry Bread


Here I bring you another loaf of bread! I am kinda obsessed! Strawberry Bread is super easy to make and Oh My Strawberrylicious!

Strawberry Bread ~ The Plaid & Paisley Kitchen ~

I know that this is the third quick bread that I have brought you in as many weeks.  I am fairly positive that I will be bringing you many more over the coming months.  I wish I could say that I am turning over a new leaf and that I plan on loosing weight and eating clean….. but let’s be real about this.

It’s January 5th. It was fun while it lasted.  Sincerely, New Years Resolution. Continue reading →

Cookie Dough Frosted Cinnamon Rolls


If you love Cinnamon Rolls as much as I do then I have created the Ultimate Cinnamon Roll for you! Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Frosting slathered all over the top of sweet Cinnamon Rolls.  You may never go back to anything less!

Cookie Dough Frosted Cinnamon Rolls ~ The Plaid & Paisley Kitchen ~ www.pandpkitchen.comAren’t these just the most delectable looking Cinnamon Rolls you have ever seen? I can tell you that they are just as amazing tasting as they are looking!

I have brought two of the most loved baked treats and combined them into a perfect baked treat! Continue reading →

Oreo Shortbread Cookies


Love Cookies and Cream? I know I do! That’s why I created these Oreo Shortbread Cookies.  A perfect combination. I know that you and your family will just flip over these cookies!

Oreo Shortbread Cookies ~ The Plaid & Paisley Kitchen ~ www.pandpkitchen.comI completely adore Shortbread.  It is the easiest cookie to make.  Even if you have never baked anything in your life, you can still make these without breaking a sweat!

I use a true Scottish Shortbread recipe.  I have been making shortbread this way for years and years.  I have never not had a successful batch.  I love this recipe so much I have it memorized. I don’t even need to look it up.  So you have to know that it’s simple enough to memorize.  That should make you pretty confident as to how simple these are. Continue reading →

Frosted Cranberry Jam


I have the perfect last minute gift for your neighbors, teachers, school bus drivers, whomever you still need to get a gift to.  This Frosted Cranberry Jam is so very DELICIOUS and so quick to make!

Frosted Cranberry Jam ~ The Plaid & Paisley Kitchen ~ www.pandpkitchen.comI have never made jam before I also have never canned anything before.  This recipe is soooo easy that it was a success in just under an hour!  I first saw this Jam here from a Family Feast.  I instantly fell in love with it and just knew that this recipe would be my first foray into jam making. Continue reading →

Chocolate Peppermint Bread


So with Christmas right around the corner and baking season in high gear I wanted to combine two of my favorite flavors in a baked item I love to make.  Most of you know how many quick bread recipes I have!

Chocolate Peppermint Bread ~ The Plaid & Paisley Kitchen ~

This is such a great and easy bread to whip up.  It tastes just like Christmas! I think that I am going to make this bread every Black Friday to start the Christmas Season with a perfect pairing.  A slice of this with a steaming hot mug of Hot Chocolate and you will be in Deck the Halls Heaven! Continue reading →

Santa’s Favorite Brownies


Did you even know that Santa has a favorite Brownie?  I mean everyone thinks he wants cookies.  Well I can tell you that Santa told me a little secret.  He kind of gets tired of cookies. These brownies came as a direct request!

Santa's Favorite Brownies ~ The Plaid & Paisley Kitchen ~ www.pandpkitchenI bet you also didn’t know just how much Santa loves Coconut! Well he does, he really really does! In fact he likes it so much that Hershey’s Mounds are his favorite candy bar.  When Santa asks for something you know you can’t NOT do it! I mean I want to stay on the Nice list…… Wouldn’t you?

So when he said that he liked brownies better than cookies and that he loved coconut and Hershey’s Mounds are his favorite candy bars, I just had to make these brownies!  I had to!! Continue reading →

Eggnog Quick Bread



               Eggnog Bread is the Best Christmas Morning Breakfast You Will Ever Have!
Eggnog Quick Bread ~ The Plaid & Paisley Kitchen ~ www.pandpkitchen.comI know that you will be thanking me for bringing this to you! When I say this is the perfect Breakfast for Christmas morning I am not joking…. not one little bit!  When I came across this recipe I couldn’t have been more excited to jump up and make it!

Dense and rich and exploding with Eggnog, this is not only the easiest loaf of bread I have ever made it’s also the tastiest! Continue reading →

English Toffee Cookies



English Toffee Cookies might just be your new obsession!!!
English Toffee Cookies ~ The Plaid & Paisley Kitchen ~

 I don’t even know how I am going to get through writing this post with out running down to the kitchen to make another batch of these!  They are so addicting that I had to give them away.  Picture me sitting on the sofa with a plate of these acting like Gollum… “My Precious…My Precious….”

That is how Crazy Cray Cray Good these are!!! Continue reading →

Roasted Tomato Spaghetti Sauce



I just know your family will love this Roasted Tomato Spaghetti sauce!

Roasted Tomato Spaghetti  ~ The Plaid & Paisley Kitchen ~

In a world full of convenience and chemical preservatives, it can be hard to remember what good truly homemade food tastes like.  I know how tempting it can be to just run by the store, through the drive-thru, open a jar of pre made anything!  I do it myself quite often……

Sometimes if we just take a moment and plan out our day or week it’s amazing how many good home cooked meals we can get done.  Often it takes the same or less time than the convenience food. Continue reading →

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