Mini Banana Bread Loaves


I am quite the Banana Bread maker…… uhm that should say eater…… With my love of all things Banana Bread I have indeed become pretty good.  You can tell by the beauty of these Mini Banana Bread Loaves.

Mini Banana Bread Loaves ~ The Plaid & Paisley Kitchen ~ www.pandpkitchen.comMost mornings are a hustle bustle get ready for work out the door no time for breakfast.  I am sure you have them also.  We rush around so much and move so quickly, I can’t help but wonder what are we missing?  What is falling in the cracks that we are moving past and not seeing?

Why not take a day to slow down, take some time, breathe and take a lingering look at our world in front of us?  Why not have a  leisurely morning?  Better yet let’s have breakfast in bed!  It is Monday after all.  What could we possibly have to do? Continue reading →

Easy Chinese Hot Mustard and Fried Rice


This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #NewYearFortune #CollectiveBias

Easy Chinese Hot Mustard ~ The Plaid & Paisley Kitchen ~

Happy New Year!!! What???   You are asking? It’s February…….  I should say Happy Chinese New Year! On February 19th that is.

This year is the year of the Sheep.  The Chinese Zodiac is made up of each year representing an animal and each animal has its own qualities.  The year of the Sheep says that it will be a very fortunate year in our finances.  I know that I am looking forward to that.

 If you have not ever celebrated Chinese New Year before, you should really do something fun this year.  Continue reading →

Valentine’s Day Pudding Cookies


Fall in love all over again with pudding cookies!  So easy and such a family favorite. Time to pull out the tried and true recipe and have some Valentine’s Day Fun!

Valentines Day Pudding Cookies ~ The Plaid & Paisley Kitchen ~

Do you have an entire classroom of kids to make treats for?  Or even two or three classrooms?  Don’t panic! I have just the thing for you.  These cookies are sure to get the kids raving that you are the best cookie baker in the whole world! The secret, well not so secret, is pudding mix.  It helps to make the cookie so rich and dense and keeps it soft. Continue reading →

Caramel Apple Bubble Cake


 This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #WarmUpYourDay #CollectiveBias

Looking for Easy Breakfast Ideas with Sweet Rolls?

Caramel Apple Bubble Cake  ~ The Plaid & Paisley Kitchen ~ www.pandpkitchen.comGood Morning Everyone!! You are going to go banana’s over this Super Easy Super Yummy new way to make Pepperidge Farms Sweet rolls!

I know that mornings can be hectic around most homes.  Believe me we are no exception! Luckily I am usually the last one to leave.  Can we say Shower and Bathroom all to myself?  Unfortunately this also means that we don’t eat breakfast together during the week.   So I decided to create a recipe that we can share during breakfast even though we might not be sitting down at the same time. Continue reading →

Pecan Pie Muffins


These are quite possibly the best item I have ever baked! You will be amazed at how easy these are to make.  Pecan Pie Muffins are my absolute favorite thing to make in the whole world!

Pecan Pie Muffins ~ The Plaid & Paisley Kitchen ~ www.pandpkitchen.comAll the amazing flavors of Pecan Pie and the ease of a muffin!  I almost just want to keep writing :”make them now! These are the Best thing I have ever tasted!!!!”  Over and Over and Over again!

That might make for a boring post to read.  Honestly these Pecan Pie Muffins are truly the most amazing best tasting easy to make I have ever made! Continue reading →

Snickerdoodle Rice Krispie Treats


I am sure that you are going to absolutely go crazy for Snickerdoodle Rice Krispie Treats!  All of the classic flavors in this most favorite of treats!

Snickerdoodle Rice Krispie Treats ~ The Plaid & Paisley Kitchen ~ www.pandpkitchen.comThese guys might look like they are your everyday plain Rice Krispie Treats.  Don’t judge a book by the cover.  These little fun guys are an exact flavor combination as the Cookie it gets it’s name sake from!

If you are a big fan of Snickerdoodle Cookies you are going to flip your lid over these!

I was pretty sure that I could capture the flavor, but until you taste it you are never quite sure how it will work out.  With the first bite I literally said out loud, “NAILED IT!” Continue reading →

Best Family Dinners from The Plaid & Paisley Kitchen


Need a quick list of easy and family friendly meals? I have the perfect round up for you.  Best Family Dinners from the Plaid and Paisley Kitchen!.

Best Family Dinners from The Plaid & Paisley Kitchen ~ www.pandpkitchen.comAll of these family dinners are tried and true recipes!  I have put together my top rated meals and some of our families favorite ones.  Every recipe is easy and quick and you probably have most of the ingredients right in your pantry and fridge right now.  Kid Friendly, Husband Friendly, and Mom Friendly! What more could you ask for? Continue reading →

Strawberry Bread


Here I bring you another loaf of bread! I am kinda obsessed! Strawberry Bread is super easy to make and Oh My Strawberrylicious!

Strawberry Bread ~ The Plaid & Paisley Kitchen ~

I know that this is the third quick bread that I have brought you in as many weeks.  I am fairly positive that I will be bringing you many more over the coming months.  I wish I could say that I am turning over a new leaf and that I plan on loosing weight and eating clean….. but let’s be real about this.

It’s January 5th. It was fun while it lasted.  Sincerely, New Years Resolution. Continue reading →

Cookie Dough Frosted Cinnamon Rolls


If you love Cinnamon Rolls as much as I do then I have created the Ultimate Cinnamon Roll for you! Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Frosting slathered all over the top of sweet Cinnamon Rolls.  You may never go back to anything less!

Cookie Dough Frosted Cinnamon Rolls ~ The Plaid & Paisley Kitchen ~ www.pandpkitchen.comAren’t these just the most delectable looking Cinnamon Rolls you have ever seen? I can tell you that they are just as amazing tasting as they are looking!

I have brought two of the most loved baked treats and combined them into a perfect baked treat! Continue reading →

Oreo Shortbread Cookies


Love Cookies and Cream? I know I do! That’s why I created these Oreo Shortbread Cookies.  A perfect combination. I know that you and your family will just flip over these cookies!

Oreo Shortbread Cookies ~ The Plaid & Paisley Kitchen ~ www.pandpkitchen.comI completely adore Shortbread.  It is the easiest cookie to make.  Even if you have never baked anything in your life, you can still make these without breaking a sweat!

I use a true Scottish Shortbread recipe.  I have been making shortbread this way for years and years.  I have never not had a successful batch.  I love this recipe so much I have it memorized. I don’t even need to look it up.  So you have to know that it’s simple enough to memorize.  That should make you pretty confident as to how simple these are. Continue reading →

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