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Have you ever wondered why food cooked by a chef tastes so much better? I plan to answer that question throughout the course of the blog.  Going forward my focus for the blog is to share with you all I have learned through my travels and culinary teachings.  Join me on my journey and we can all go From Home Cook to Chef.

From Home Cook to Chef: Lessons from The Plaid & Paisley Kitchen: Seasoning is the key
So why does Chef Cooked food seem to taste better? It’s a simple answer. Chefs tend season more than we do at home. During my studies this theme kept coming up over and over.  As you read the recipes you will learn how to layer your seasonings and that you will be using more herbs and spices than you ever have before.

During the course of reading the blog and making the recipes here you will become a master of creating the perfect sear on your meat and proteins and learn to make mouthwatering sauces to accompany your meals. If you feel that yeast bread is intimidating, the baking recipes will make you a master of all things yeast and sweet.  Every recipe and cooking lesson are designed for you to practice and perfect the skills that you need to go from home cook to chef.

From Home Cook to Chef: Lessons from The Plaid & Paisley Kitchen: Cooking Lessons

I am so glad that you have come here to learn and to take this journey with me! I know that you are going to love the recipes that you find here and that you will learn something new no matter your skill level in the kitchen.   Keep checking back as I add more videos and lessons to the Cooking Lesson Page.

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