Federale Potato Casserole


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It’s really warming up here in the Mid West! It was 85 the other day! That is my kind of weather. So in honor of the rising mercury and that Cinco De Mayo is only 3 days away I bring you one Spicy Dish! This recipe is the latest in my Plaid and Paisley Original Recipe series. This dish was a super huge hit with the boys and I have to say I really loved it also. You can temper the heat to your families taste.  This uses Fire Roasted Tomatoes and if you want to dial the heat down just used regular diced tomatoes.  Want to heat it up even more {that may be more than you  bargained for} add a second can of green chiles. This is a big bold recipe and true to a casserole you really don’t even need to make a side dish. Well, a nice green salad would be great with this.

Can you just see the flavor bursting out of the picture? We have all sorts of great things on this plate. Ground Beef, Potatoes, Red and Yellow Peppers, Tomatoes, Chilies, and don’t forget the Cheese!  What would a casserole be without cheese?  This is a perfectly easy throw together in a hurry weeknight meal.  You can even buy your peppers already cut up for you to help with the prep time.  There is nothing better than being able to serve the family a wonderful dish that comes together in 15 min and bakes up in 30!  That 45 min sounds like perfect homework time to me.

So make this tonight, or for Cinco De Mayo or anytime a fun easy tasty spicy dish is in order!!!


Federale Potato Casserole