About Me and the Blog

Hello!  I am Chandra and this is my blog.  I am the recipe maker, photograph taker, content writer, and everything lover about The Plaid & Paisley Kitchen.

I started this blog in 2011. I wanted to create a place where readers could find great recipes and learn new cooking and baking skills.  Food has always been a passion of mine.  I learned to cook as a young girl from my mother and grandmother. I loved that the blog would allow me to share these lessons with all of you.

In the beginning I was positive that I was on my way to be a Big Time blogger, cookbook author and fame.  I just knew that it would “happen” for me.  I mean I had been cooking and baking my whole life.  Everyone I knew always raved about my meals.  Surely this should be a “sure thing”!

Boy oh boy did reality hit me in the face! My high held hopes were quickly dashed once I learned just how much work running a blog was.  So I went from hopes of fame and fortune to “well at least I have the coolest hobby on earth.”   I really did have the coolest hobby on earth.  I love blogging! I love sharing my recipes with you.  I love the amazing support and friendship that blogging has brought into my life.  The blog now was my creative outlet and I was happy with that.

Everything was going fine.  Then in February 2012 I had a stroke and my life took a turn I never expected.  I was immediately thrown into a life of constant pain.  It felt like my head was on fire and that it would explode.  Test after test, drug after drug, nothing helped. I was losing the battle with chronic pain.  I quit blogging, I quit my social life, I quit housework and cooking.  I just about quit life.

I finally found a pain specialist and he was able to make a difference.  For 2 more years I continued to have times where it would become overwhelming and I would quit blogging again.  On and off for almost 3 years this cycle continued.  Blog for a month, off for two…….

I am very happy to report that while I still live with chronic pain, it is now managed very well and I have an almost normal functioning life.  And guess what that means?

I am back blogging again!!!! The true joy in my life.  My goal is to grow the blog large enough that I can leave my full time job and blog full time!

In my life outside of the blog I have a husband I adore, a step-son that is like my own and the best most loving 2 little dogs!   Both my husband and now my son serve in the Air Force and I am very proud of them! We are a small family, but we have lots of love and a great time together.

I am so glad that you have come to The Plaid & Paisley Kitchen today.  I know that you will love the recipes.  Here are a few of my favorites:  Buffalo Spaghetti, Super Easy Pretzel Bites, Cheesy Chicken Potato Bake, and Brownie Cake!

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I have 2 lovely thoughts, I would love to hear yours.

  1. sandy downs says:

    I finally opened your site. Totally impressed! Do you take your own pics of food? I want to try some of these fabulous recipes…..however perhaps a diebetic twist on some of these would be better for me. You are welcome in my kitchen anytime (Preppy Lady) Love you, Sandy

    • Oh My practically perfect friend!! Thank you for your love and support!!! Love you tons!